TV Times - 8 -14 December 2007

TV Times - 8 -14 December 2007

This weeks pick tells the story of the legendary Tiananmen Square demonstrator who bravely stood in front of a tank.

Other programmes relate other aspects of the social and economic changes facing China, and other themes explored are the sway of cults, the battle for Basra and the complex machinations of the NHS.

Monday 10 December - 8.30 - 9pm - BBC1 - Panorama
Including combat footage shot by soldiers, the story is here told of the last and bloodiest British battle in southern Iraq, the battle for Basra Palace.

Tuesday 11 December - 10 - 11.50pm - More4 - True Stories: How Is Your Fish Today?
This award-winning and original documentary has an unusual take on the theme of how China struggles to rationalise communist ideology with the global capitalist economy.

Wednesday 12 December - 9 - 10pm - BBC2 - Can Gerry Robinson Fix the NHS? One Year On
One year on from his attempt to instigate improvements in service and performance at Rotherham General Hospital, management consultant Gerry Robinson here returns one year later to assess the progress made. Whilst - obviously! - no political radical, some of Robinson's observations appear germane; here he critiques the "quick-fix" attitude to problem-solving in the NHS, as opposed to sensible long-term investment planning, the former being favoured for reasons of short-term political expediency.

Wednesday 12 December - 10 - 11.05pm - Channel 4 - The End of the World Cult
Film-maker Ben Antony here sets out to explore the reasons why Michael Travesser holds such sway over the 56 members of his Strong City cult and attempts to explore how said cult operates. Travesser claims to be the messiah and somewhat inaccurately declared that doomsday was to be on 31 October 2007.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Thursday 13 December - 11pm - 12.35am - More4 - The Tank Man
This documentary retells the events of the Tiananmen Square protest with a special focus on the brave actions of the demonstrator who famously stood in front of a tank.

Friday 14 December - 11pm - 12am - More4 - Mao's Children
In this final programme airing as part of More4's China Rising season, writer Marcel Theroux explores the country's social revolution.

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