TV Times - 3 - 9 November 2007

TV Times - 3 - 9 November 2007

This weeks highlight is a fact-based film detailing the activities of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose resistance movement.

In an otherwise quiet week for political programming, other selections feature the Israeli-Palestinian conflict and the changing face of Russia.

Sun 4 November - 7 - 8pm - BBC2 - Clash of Worlds
The Mahdi uprising in the Sudan of the 1880's saw Muhammad Ahmed, a self-styled descendant of the Muslim Prophet, declare "jihad" against the British. He killed the British Army general Charles Gordon in Khartoum in 1885 and then set up an Islamic state. This film explores the British political and religious backlash that followed Gordon's death.

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Mon 5 November - 12.30 - 2.40am - Channel 4 - Sophie Scholl: The Final Days
This third film detailing the activities of Sophie Scholl and the White Rose resistance movement is based on the Gestapo records of Scholls' interrogation. She was a Munich student arrested in 1943 after being caught distributing propoganda leaflets. With the Edukators' Julia Jentsch in the title role this film is in German with English sub-titles.

Tue 6 November - 10pm - 12.15am - More4 - True Stories: Promises
This is an updated version of an acclaimed documentary focusing on the lives of Israeli and Palestinian children in and around Jerusalem - children who have only ever lived in an environment of conflict. Now teenagers, here those children give their latest perspective on living in this renowned trouble-spot.

Tue 6 November - 11.40pm - 1.10am - BBC4 - Wednesday
In this Storyville documentary, Viktor Kossakovsky charts the changing face of Russia.

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