TV Times 1-7 September 2007

An elderly worker

This week's highlight is the start of a series exploring prejudices against older workers and jobseekers.

Also this week, the history of the legalisation of homosexuality is still being aired and the green debate continues.

Sat 1 September - 11.55pm - 1.30am - BBC4 - Gohatto
Dealing with themes of authority and repression, Nagisa Oshima's stylised murder mystery tells the story of a militia captain's investigation into the sinister events surrounding a young samurai in mid-1860's Kyoto. In Japanese with subtitles.

Pick of the Week red n black star
Mon 3 September - 9 - 10pm - ITV1 - Grandad's Back in Business - 1/4
In this low-key reality series, workers aged 50 to 65 take part in a one month probationary period pitted against a younger candidate to gain a real job in the industry in which they once worked. The series attempts to explore deeper issues about prejudices and attitutudes towards age in a political and economic climate in which older people are being exhorted to work/find work later and later in life in a world which fetishizes youth now more than ever before .

Wed 5 September - 9 - 10.20pm - BBC4 - Consenting Adults
As part of BBC4's continuing season of programmes relating to the legalisation of homosexuality 40 years ago, this solid dramatisation reveals how pillar of the British establishment Jack Wolfenden helped bring about said legalisation.

Fri 7 September - 7.35 - 8pm - Channel 4 - The Great Green Debate
This programme seeks to understand why there is such widespread resistance to the green message despite global warming being widely accepted as fact within the scientific community. Here, four eco-experts attempt to convince a sceptical audience of the strength of their case in a wide-reaching debate.

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