Third World nationalism and the state - Sam Dolgoff

Third World nationalism and the state - Sam Dolgoff

A 1980/81 pamphlet written by Sam Dolgoff pushing back against the notion prevalent on the radical left at the time that national liberation movements in the so-called Third World, held revolutionary and liberatory potential.

Originally posted: October 20, 2014 at Red & Black Writings

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Sep 22 2020 17:35

I'm guessing this is a revised and updated pamphlet since it has references to events from the 1980s.

Black Badger
Sep 22 2020 19:32

Says 1977

Sep 22 2020 20:43
Black Badger wrote:
Says 1977

I know the text above it says that, it also talks about things happening in the 1980s throughout the pamphlet so it can't be 1977 unless Dolgoff was a time traveller.

Black Badger
Sep 22 2020 20:59

He probably wished he were...

Sep 23 2020 08:40

wikipedia lists the date as 1983

Sep 23 2020 23:13

That would make more sense, the latest reference in the text is dated 1982

Sep 26 2020 15:33

He was a time traveler in some ways. I know.

I have an original of the pamphlet. Let me find it
and report back

Sep 26 2020 17:23

This edition would be very early 1980s. The ACF was founded in 1979.
Need to see if this is an updated reprint of an earlier version.

Oct 4 2020 13:41

This pamphlet is the original pamphlet published by the ACF of NA. It was published either in late 1980 or 1981. I still need to verify the exact date by reviewing Internal Discussion Bulletin's of that time period.

My copy, the copy republished here and the one reposted by the "Red & Black Writings" are all consistant. I am curious if this is not based on another article which may have appeared years ago, and updated for the ACF of NA publication. Perhaps Sam wrote parts of this for "Views & Comments". But one would need to look at 1964, 1965, or so "Views & Comments".

Anyway, this Libcom reposted pamphlet is from either 1980 or 1981.