Ten immediate demands of the people of Iran

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Nasser Asgary
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May 16 2010 20:19
Ten immediate demands of the people of Iran

To further strengthen the people’s revolutionary movement, secure its gains and facilitate its advance for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic of Iran, the Worker-communist Party of Iran declares the following immediate and minimum ten demands:
1. Arrest and public trial of those responsible for current killings and all of the crimes committed in the last 30 years
2. Release of all political prisoners
3. Abolition of the death penalty
4. An end to compulsory veiling and sexual apartheid
5. Abolition of all misogynist and discriminatory laws against women and the establishment of complete equality between men and women
6. Complete separation of religion from state, judiciary, education and complete religious freedom and atheism as a private matter
7. Unconditional freedom of expression, thought, organisation, press, demonstration, and strike
8. Recognition of equality for all citizens, irrespective of religion, language, ethnicity or nationality
9. Public trial of Ayatollahs, and government officials and its functionaries for embezzlement of the people’s funds and reclaiming the public's stolen wealth
10. Provision and guarantee of suitable welfare according to the most advanced standards in the world for all citizens; immediate increase of the minimum wage to one million Tomans ($1000.00).
This is the decree of the people’s movement for freedom in Iran and the minimum and immediate demands of the people who have come to the streets and called for the overthrow of the Islamic Republic. These are the minimum conditions that anyone who claims to be on the side of people’s protests should stand for.
The people of Iran will vigorously continue their struggle until the Islamic regime is overthrown.

Worker-communist Party of Iran
26 June 2009