Table of Contents

Talking Heads

Farce or Figleaf: The Promise of Leisure in the Computer Age
analysis by R. Dennis Hayes

The Filing Cabinet is on Fire
tale of toil by Clayton Peacock

Intellectual Property: The Attack on Public Access to Culture
analysis by Howard Besser

Distanced Education: Fast Times at Ronald McDonald U.
analysis by Jesse Drew

The Disappeared of Silicon Valley
tale of toil by Paulina Borsook

Green Days in the Concrete Jungle
tale of toil by Ted White

(originally published in Jack Magazine)
poetry by James Brook

My Life in the Search Engine
tale of toil by Netizen X

fiction by Marina Lazzara

Space Wars
analysis by Tom Wetzel


I Live in the Past: The Rent is Cheaper!
memoir by Zoe Noe

Hot Under the Collar: Notes from a Help Desk, York Univ. Strike, SilVal Debug
reports by Wright, Shantz, Fisher

The Great San Francisco Bicycle Protest of 1896
history by Hank Chapot

Raven, Jim Fisher, Marjorie Sturm

The Wiggle Mural
interview by Chris Carlsson

The Billboard Liberators
article by Jack Napier

Notes on an Outstanding Day at Image
tale of toil by Texas Frank

Book Reviews
by Chris Carlsson and Primitivo Morales

Already a Winner!
fiction by Thomas Daulton

Marks: A Memery
poetry by Adam Cornford

Radical Politics: Assuming We Refuse, Let’s Refuse to Assume
article by Chris Carlsson