Storming heaven: class composition and struggle in Italian Autonomist Marxism - Steve Wright


Jan 23 2011 08:19

Than you whoever uploaded this! Been wanting to read it for ages and it's pricey to buy in New Zealand.

Jan 23 2011 14:19

Yeah, that's brilliant, thanks!

If you have any other texts like this in PDF please bang them up as well

Juan Conatz
Feb 5 2011 07:26

Ok, so I'm gonna get started on adding this to the library in text. Gonna take a while, since it all needs to be reformatted from PDF, which is a hassle...pretty much going to read the whole book again!

Feb 5 2011 20:31

That would be awesome. To save time formatting text I use things like Word auto complete to mass replace errors and extra line breaks and things like that. Also, a couple of small chunks of it have been done already and are here so you could just copy and paste those bits.

Juan Conatz
Feb 12 2011 00:17

Just learned there was a blockquote function tongue so, I'll be using that instead of italics for quotes....someone shoulda told me!

Feb 12 2011 01:08

Sorry mate, thought you knew and had made a deliberate choice. If you've used italics so far you could just keep it the same, although block quote would be better

Joseph Kay
Feb 12 2011 01:18

you can always use ctrl-F to find italics tags, and paste blockquote ones in their place.

Juan Conatz
Apr 16 2011 04:03

The project of me putting this into the library in text form has been on halt due to me being busy, but now it is on halt because it is too difficult to do on a netbook without a mouse (all the reformatting neccesary, etc).

If someone else wants to take this on, go head, otherwise, I'll get to it when I get my desktop back or get a mouse (neither will happen for at least a month probably)

Apr 16 2011 13:46

No worries mate, thanks for your efforts so far!

Juan Conatz
Nov 20 2011 09:44

7 months later (and still without desktop or a mouse...), I think I'll start this back up.

Nov 20 2011 16:07

Juan you're a hero, thank you so so much!

Juan Conatz
Aug 22 2013 04:24

Anyone have time to finish turning this into text? I never ended up finishing it...

Jan 21 2018 03:55

Thanks for putting this up. Have heard about the book, now I can actually read it!

Juan Conatz
Feb 20 2018 04:18

Probably worth mentioning that I never finished this. Copy and pasting, reformating, etc this much was a bigger task than I thought when I began it.

Juan Conatz
Apr 29 2020 19:23