Splits of the Socialist Workers Party (Britain)

Esme Choonara, Amy Leather, Candy Udwin, Maxine Bowler, 2013 Disputes Committee

We do not agree with their politics but reproduce this for reference.

Notable splits and departures from the Socialist Workers Party in Britain (and some notable international splits) in chronological order including key figures. The list shows a history of active members' serious complaints about the organisation and how it is organised. The issues are repeated since the formation of the SWP which should raise questions about the much-vaunted SWP model of ‘building the party’ especially for those unfamiliar with the party and its history.

1971 - Trotskyist Tendency/Alliance for Workers’ Liberty/AWL – over imperialism
1974 – Revolutionary Communist Group/FRFI – over crisis theory and imperialism
1975 – International Socialist Opposition/Workers League/Jim Higgins/Roger Protz – over democracy
1976 - Workers Power/Red Flag/L5I
1978 – Revolutionary Communist Party/Living Marxism/Spiked,_1978)
1981 – Red Action- over squaddism
1982 – Womens’ Voice sympathisers and Flame BME activists
1983 – Revolutionary Democratic Group/Steve Freeman/Dave Craig – over republicanism
1994 – International Socialist Group/Jim Higgins/Andy Wilson – over democracy
1996 – IS Canada
2001 – ISO/International Socialist Organization (U.S. split from International Socialist Tendency)
2010 - Left Platform/Counterfire/John Rees
2011 - International Socialist Group (Scotland)/Chris Bambery
2011 – Association for Musical Marxists/Ben Watson/Andy Wilson – over culture (founded 2010, resigned 2011)
2013 –International Socialist Network/Richard Seymour – over ‘Comrade Delta’
2013 – London Black Revolutionaries – over direct action
2014 - January - RS21/Revolutionary Socialism in the 21st Century (resigned 23 December 2013, founded 2014) – over ‘Comrade Delta’
2020 - SWP Tyneside – over behaviour and organisation

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