Some editions of Communication Worker - 1987-88

'Christmas is cancelled' headline

Here are seven editions of the bulletin produced by the rank-and-file postal workers' group Communication Workers Group.

Unfortunately, it's not a complete set... So come on, all you posties and ex-posties who read what's on libcom - I'm sure some of you must be able to provide the missing documents! This collection just goes up to #11. There were supposedly 13 issues.

I'm grateful to the 56a archive for letting me borrow and scan these copies.


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Dan Radnika
May 31 2014 13:20


  • "WHAT DO WE MEAN WHEN WE USE THE TERM 'RANK AND FILE' ? The rank and file is us, you and me, the ordinary worker. … We have no leaders or full time officials. All the decisions we take are ours and ours alone."

    Communication Worker #4

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May 31 2014 16:05

This is brilliant, thanks! Although actually we have already started an archive of Communication Worker here:

so if you could add these issues instead to this archive that would be great. Just go to that page and click "add child page".

If you don't have time let me know and I will have a go when I get a chance. Cheers! And like you say if anyone else has any missing ones give us a shout!

May 31 2014 16:24

The national strike was in September 1988, and number 9 above was the one issued during the strike. It was a leaflet rather than a magazine, and 20,000 were printed as opposed to the usual print run of 5,000 to 8,000. I think they were only distributed in London, and some of the surrounding towns as the postmen were on strike, and they couldn't be sent out to contacts in other areas.

I think there were 13 issues in total.


Dan Radnika
Jun 3 2014 18:47

Sorry, don't get the "add child page" thing... It seems to be just asking me to create a whole new page. Is that what it means? Just "create a new page with a link to this one" ?

Jun 3 2014 19:28

Thanks for your help! Yes, it does create a whole new page, but within the parent. Like the current issue 5 is in that already.

Jun 3 2014 19:30

And feel free to edit the current entry for issue 5 to replace the PDF with your much better one