Solidarity for workers' power #1.08

The eighth issue of Solidarity for workers' power with articles on the opposition to nuclear arms, reprinted advice from Sylvia Pankhurst and book reviews.


  • From Civil Disobedience to Social Revolution - with deadlock in the East and the West, the Committee of 100 is making progress promoting militant mass consciousness.
  • The Renault Story - an update on the intensifying situation in British and French factories, including strikes and plant closures.
  • Labour Advice Bureau - from Sylvia Pankhurst's Workers Dreadnought - advice to workers, labour leaders, and the Labour Party.
  • Negro Workers - book review by Norma Meacock - a review of The Indignant Heart by Matthew Ward.
  • Notebook of an Engineer - Jim Petter - the District Committees are under attack.
  • About Ourselves - information about Solidarity, with a letter on an International Conference held in May and attended by Pouvoir Ouvrier, Socialism Reaffirmed, Unita Proletaria, and Pouvoir Ouvrier Belge.
  • Red Wrecker Now in Rome - news quotes and a comic illustration.
  • Zak-cloth and Hashes - E. Morse - Music Review No. 1 of 'The Party Symphony.'
  • Letters - from V. Turner and H. Harrison.
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