Socialist Studies Tapes List 2007

Socialist Studies Tapes List 2007

Socialist Studies (London) Tapes List from 2007. Note: Tapes no longer available from Socialist Studies.

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May 11 2017 21:36


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May 12 2017 14:15

What is the point of publishing this ''unavailable'' list of tapes??

May 12 2017 19:22

Its a list of talks given by the key members including key long-time SPGB members before and after the split that were considered notable enough to be offered for distribution.

Oct 24 2017 14:24

Socialist Studies recent issues state fourteen CDs are available, not sure of which talks but probably ones on economics by Hardy.

Oct 24 2017 18:08

Why not post them on YouTube or something?

Red Marriott
Oct 24 2017 18:28

Yawn, what's the point of this self-obsession, Mr Minister for Propaganda? Any excuse to publicise the Party name is fair game, regardless of its irrelevance to anything? Even dead cassette lists?! What next, the full discography of SPGB 78rpms? I bet the content would be much the same on 78 as it is on CD.

Oct 24 2017 20:10

Some of the Hardy talks on video they have uploaded to youtube. What's the point of anything? This is libcom library and educational talks are the surest way to socialist revolution. These are those worthy of distribution and although unavailable, the list is still worth sharing should they become available again or even as a catalyst to make them so. Actually between 78s and CDs I suspect some talks have been lost or not preserved so this is the only record. I would have no problem with a list of talks from an anarchist group being on here, so why not this?

Oct 25 2017 02:50

Any old excuse to publicise my unofficial archive blog for the Socialist Standard:

Link: Socialist Standard Past and Present blog

Cheers m'dear.