On school

On school

The rhetoric of going to study is typical of the ignorant. Maybe even graduates.

Any underdeveloped brain can get to graduation if it wants to, and if the family or some patrons shell out the money required. For the most limited people, it is even possible to consider studying in Canada (where the level of difficulty of the studies is much easier), the most perverse find it easier to forget about studying altogether, and become gold diggers, trying to seduce the grandchildren of some dirty old man..

True culture remains a privilege of few people. They are the lucky ones who, for personal taste, access the passion of knowing - the divine mania of knowledge.

The problem is that, nowadays, society does not recognize any other passion than that of profitable consumerism. Even if there is no longer a true dominant class, culture remains that of power and power is essentially economical. In order to have winners, there must also be losers, and the school organizes the ranks.

To ask students what they really want is hateful paternalism and the authors of the question prove that they themselves do not know that any more than the students.

School is, at best, a place of identity and social refinement, of recreational awareness and educational fun; at worst it is a place of domestication and conscription into the army of employed and unemployed wage-earners.

When students, workers, fathers, mothers, children, and all other roles in a society reduced to its appearance rediscover the authentic taste of being free to enjoy life, only then will we all together be able to ask the question of what we want. The urgency is to establish the repeal of what we no longer want: a world where others decide everything for us, a world where you are bored in a school that teaches only economic barbarism.

Sergio Ghirardi

Translated from Italian and slightly modified and adapted by Văn Thuần Nguyễn and Ashton Roza

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Oct 20 2017 23:03


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