Red & black: an anarchist journal

Issues of Red & black

A very partial online archive of some articles from Red & black, an anarchist journal published in Australia from 1964 until at least 1992, by exiled Bulgarian anarchist Jack Grancharoff.

This is a blurb written about the journal by Joe Toscano in 1998:

Red and Black is a tribute to one human being's determination not to be intellectually crippled by mass culture. Jack Grancharoff, a Bulgarian anarchist who escaped from the spreading yoke of Bolshevism over fifty years ago, found himself a political refugee in an alien land. While most post world war two anarchist refugees who ended up in Australia were never able to break into mainstream culture, Jack did.

Jack Grancharoff was not interested in reliving the battles of the past, he wanted to live in the present, he wanted to be able to understand, interact with and change the dominant Australian culture he was part of. Jack has always participated in the life of the Australian anarchist movement. Initially as part of a small group of Bulgarian anarchists in exile in Australia, later on as an active participant in the re-emerging Australian Anarchist community.

In 1965, Jack launched Red and Black, a small anarchist journal that provided an anarchist analysis of what was happening in the world and which also published theoretical anarchist articles. Red and Black has been staunchly anti-communist and anti-capitalist. While other Australian radicals flirted with Communism, Jack's personal experiences in Bulgaria had taught him the reactionary nature of Communist politics.

Red and Black has been produced in fits and starts since 1965. Through Red and Black, Jack has been able to share what he believes are important ideas with the readers of the journal. In issue No.26 Jack talks about his feelings about revisiting Bulgaria fifty years after he escaped. Richard Kostelanetz writes about Anarchist Art, Ian Firth reviews the composer Richard Wagners involvement with the Anarchist Movement, James R. Bennett examines the Corporate State and the Bill of Rights and Pino Cacucci explains why the Zapatistas are an issue that concerns us all.

For almost 35 years Red and Black, an Anarchist Journal, has provided theoretical and practical insights into issues and ideas that concern anarchists.