Radical America #19.05: Germany Left and Right

Constituent Items:

Preface: Germany, anti-semitism, and the left
Bitburg May 5, 1985 and after, a letter to the West German Left (Postone, Moishe)
Rainer Werner Fassbinder's "Trash, The City, and Death" when allegory becomes metaphor (Benhabib, Seyla)
Theses on Gassbinder, anti-semitism, and Germany a Franfurt autumn, 1985 (Postone, Moishe)
The crisis of the greens "Fundis," "Realos," and the future (Hill, Phil)
Life and work at El Crucero interviews with Nicaraguan coffee workers (Kleinhans, Chuck Lesage, Julia)
Guatemala the trouble with elections (Taylor, Clark)
Good reading (Whippen, Deb)

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