The obsolescence of man - Volume 2 - Günther Anders

The obsolescence of man - Volume 2 - Günther Anders

Now, for the first time in English translation, The Obsolescence of Man, Volume II, in its entirety, by Günther Anders, first published in Germany in 1980, an indispensable “philosophy of technology” by one of the most insightful philosophers and social critics of the 20th century, more relevant now than ever, the result of over twenty years of considerations “On the Destruction of Life in the Epoch of the Third Industrial Revolution”, featuring essays on consumerism, automation, work, leisure, “meaning”, totalitarianism, conformism, mass culture, sports, religion, surveillance, fascism, ideology, history, science fiction, art, “happenings”, psychotherapy, drugs, and more.

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Jan 6 2015 22:49

Awesome - thanks so much for this.

Flava O Flav
Jan 7 2015 09:39

Is volume one online?

Great stuff by the way. Ties in nicely with stuff I'm researching.

Alias Recluse
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