S01E026 - The problem with full employment utopias

A still of John Maynard Keynes from the edutainment rap 'Fight of the Century'

An edition of the Novara radio show in discussion with Danny Hayward looking at 'Full Work Utopias' and recent variants of vulgar Keynesianism which seek to situate themselves as 'solutions' to the current global financial crisis.

Novara - a weekly show on Resonance FM discussing political theory, practice and aesthetics. Discussions and interventions will be with workers, theorists, students and activists. Hosted by Aaron Peters.

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Mar 28 2012 04:58


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Mar 28 2012 07:14

Aaron Peters also wrote the following piece over at openDemocracy, which may be of interest:

Forget the ‘golden age’ of capitalism: there’s no return, and our future can be better