Mayday and Anarchism : Remembrance and Resistance From Haymarket to Now

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This pamphlet shows the history of Mayday, and the differing ways in which Anarchists have responded to its call. It includes pieces on: The Haymarket affair and its aftermath, The idea of Mayday from the 1890s to the 1940s and Reclaiming Mayday in recent times.

2004 Introduction: Looking Forwards, Looking Backwards
1886 August Spies' Speech at the Haymarket
1886 Trial Speech of Adolph Fischer
1886 Trial Speech of Louis Lingg
1890 Primo Maggio (The First of May), Pietro Gori
1890s Anarchist Mayday: London in the 1890s, John Quail
1893 Extracts from Altgeld's Reasons for Pardoning the Haymarket Anarchists
1895 A Crime and its Results, William Holmes
1907 The First of May and the General Strike, Mother Earth
1928 The First of May: Symbol of a New Era in the Life and Struggle of the Toilers, Nestor Makhno
1945 May First, Luigi Bertoni
1947 A Cry in the Dark: May Day in Unredeemed Spain, National Committee of the CNT
1973 1886 – First Of May – 1973: A Day of Protest and Social Awareness, Anarchist Groups of Chile
1978 To Latin American Comrades: 1886 – First of May – 1978, Libertarian Latin American Coordination
1983 May Day Leaflet, Reading Anarchists
2000 A Mayday over MayDay, Bash Street Kids
What is Anarchism? A Definition

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  • I declare again, frankly and openly, that I am in favor of using force....I say to you: 'I despise you. I despise your order; your laws; your force-propped authority.' Hang me for it!

    Louis Lingg

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