May-June 1968 - A Situation Lacking in Workers' Autonomy

May-June 1968 - A Situation Lacking in Workers' Autonomy

Mouvement Communiste's detailed history and analysis of the movement of May-June 1968 in France.

Focussing primarily on "the May-June 1968 worker", the authors argue for a critical approach to some of the "myths" surrounding the events, providing an overview of the strike movement and first-hand accounts by participants. Published in 2006 as May-June 1968 : An occasion lacking in workers’ autonomy

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May 16 2010 12:11

hey, cheers for posting and formatting all of this - look forward to reading it!

May 23 2010 17:33


First of all, cheers for posting it.

I'm working on a spanish translation, and I have a question... In "Abbreviations used in this text", it defines MAU (Mouvement d'action universitaire) as a "militant student group". Apart from "militante" I didn't found any other word to translate "militant", and I don't know if that word is the right one. So, what do you mean with "militant group"? Is it a group which is related to a party or political trend, or an armed group?

May 24 2010 20:31

I am pretty sure it would mean "militant" as being "radical" rather than armed.

May 25 2010 22:36