Khamsin: Palestine: profile of an occupation

Khamsin: Palestine: profile of an occupation

Collection of essays focusing on the Israeli attitudes and policies which brought about the first Intifada. It covers the economic dislocation of Palestinians, settler politics in Jerusalem as well as the conditions and types of work available to Palestinian workers in Israel. It also examines Israeli self-images and self-justification is. Various Israeli-proposed Federalist solutions are considered, as is the Palestinian response. Finally, the authors highlight the central role of Palestinian women and the ever-present influence of the refugee camps.

Published in 1989 as Khamsin #14.

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Yo, so the pdf of this starts getting a bit fucked from about pg. 80, meaning you can't see a few words in the top-right corner (and also fucking with the OCR).. Steven, you reckon you could re-scan it? Cheers..

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oh no! If I still have it I will re-scan next week definitely, I hope I still do…