Khamsin: Journal of revolutionary socialists of the Middle-East

Some of our collection of Khamsin journals

Archive of revolutionary socialist journal, Khamsin, which was published from 1978 to 1987. While we might disagree with some of the positions taken, particularly those to do with national liberation, many articles contain interesting information about working class struggle, which we reproduce for reference.

Khamsin was founded in 1975 in Paris, France, and jointly edited by Leila Kadi of Lebanon and the late Eli Lobel, a member of The Israeli Socialist Organization (Matzpen). The first four issues were published in French by Editions Fraçois Maspero (Paris). Four people joined the editorial board in 1978, namely Avishai Ehrlich, Moshé Machover, Mikhal Marouan and Khalil To’ama, and the next nine issues – starting with no. 5, were published in London, in English. The composition of the editorial board changed from time to time, but members of Matzpen were always actively involved. The last (14th) issue was published in London, 1989. The last two issues did not carry a serial number.


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You might want to have a look at Israel Imperial News which was a kind of predecessor of Khamsin:

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