We can do this the hard way or we can do this the easy way. If you’ll kindly bear with us, we’re gonna try something different here: we’re gonna opt for the hard way.

We could expound on the “special” times in which we find ourselves, about how the collapse of capitalism is imminent and the masses are poised on the brink of rupture. Or present the concurrent struggles taking place around the world as pristine opportunities for revolutionary struggle. We could point to the insights of past revolutionary thinkers as adequately encapsulating, with only minor revisions, what is to be done here and now; or rhyme off turgid slogans or facile academic vagueries. Better yet, we could pretend we’re hot shit and all that need happen is everyone listen to us. We could do all or some of these things, and we wouldn’t be alone. We could but we shouldn’t. So, we won’t.

What we’re going to do instead is try and produce a journal... original, we know.

Why? Not out of frustration or insecurity. Nor hubris or self satisfaction. Rather, because we think we should. We’ll use this journal as a way to develop our politics and refine our organizing. To seek feedback and engage in discussion. Though always with a mind to coming to conclusions. This journal is of no merit in and of itself, and is no vanity project. It’s a tool we intend to improve ourselves with. We want to take up strategic and political questions that we and our comrades are facing -squarely and seriously- but always with the intention of action.

How? Frankly, arduously: as much as possible, the content in our modest journal will be collectively written. There’s no singular voice here and while there’s no party line that will be adhered to, we can all have our say on what gets in. We intend this to be a place where arguments are made, disagreements are had, and maybe even understanding is achieved - as though we were the revolutionaries we claim to be. This journal will be free. We don’t feel this requires explanation other than it may, in fact, be bad business sense but it’s good politics.

As much as possible, we will endeavour to strike a balance between the academic-revolution-aficionado jargon on the one hand, and the piss and vinegar “REV” rhetoric on the other. Both of which we are all too prone and familiar. Neither polemical diatribes nor equivocating “nuance” is sought in these pages. We seek conclusions but not satisfaction in the answer.

With that in mind, let us clarify what the content of these articles represent. By no means are they the definitive word of Common Cause. From organizing experience, discussion, observation, and collaboration, topics are chosen and writing produced. The intent is to move discussion forward, not shut it down; to advance our politics, strategies, and methods; and seek input and clarification – both from within Common Cause and from without. We want our discussions not to quarantine themselves within these pages but be brought into our organizing to thrive or perish on their merits.

Here we go.

Common Cause Anarchist Organization