Interview with Cuadernos de Negación

"They all must go: government of the workers and community assemblies".

English translation of a written interview with Argentinian communist group, Cuadernos de Negación (Negation Notebooks), discussing the recent history of the country's workers' movement, including the 1969 Cordobazo and the 2001 uprising, and prospectives for the future.

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Jul 26 2015 00:46

Has any of their stuff been translated?

Jul 28 2015 11:55

In our site:
There's 2 of our texts in french. We welcome anyone interested in translating some of our material to english. Thanks in advance.


Jul 28 2015 15:37

Jul 28 2015 15:33

The photo it´s very bolasera... and represent one of the worst sides of the 2001 and my impression is that really don´t have connection with the sense of the text. Put a little of onda and change it. And the tilde is to the other side (Negación no Negaciòn).

Jul 31 2015 13:39

I might have some differences with this groups take on the 'formal and real domination of capital' not sure but this outline of their approach is certainly encouraging. Unfortunately I don't have any language skills that would help with translations of their other material but perhaps someone else might help out at some point with that? The title of this post won't likely bring it up on any search for stuff on Argentina but perhaps that can be fixed by the admins.

Dec 21 2015 14:10

Maybe this link will work better;

Dec 21 2015 14:32

Also thanks to comrades at 'dialectical-delinquents' for pointing out this in the english language:

Jan 8 2019 10:31

Should note that 'Guerre de Classe have started to translate some more material from this group into English on this site.