Volume 1


Oct 25 2013 05:22

Very cool. Thanks!

klas batalo
Oct 25 2013 05:25

this is a goldmine...it talks about direct UWPofA collaboration with the GIKH grin

they also had groups not just in chicago, but also buffalo, nyc, and dc.

Oct 25 2013 05:37

Really nice find, thanks for uploading this.

Oct 25 2013 05:42

I just found a pdf of Living Marxism from 1940 online earlier today.

klas batalo
Oct 25 2013 06:30

upload it!!!

Oct 25 2013 07:22

Can't. Sent to Juan to do

Oct 26 2013 11:30

Thanks for posting this! Just a heads up that I've started transcribing/copying Matticks "What is Communism" article from the first issue to make it more readable.

There are also some more issues of Living Marxism here: http://ufdc.ufl.edu/UF00089429/00002/allvolumes2

No idea on how to rip them though.

Oct 26 2013 11:59

Excellent find Muntzer. You can hot the print button then choose to print all pages from front to back. Then print to pdf. It's crashing this computer but I'll switch t stronger one shortly and save these files.

Any other good stuff on the Florida website?

Dec 16 2014 05:58

The PDF is volume 1, numbers 1-6, it's not all of volume 1. There's an index of International Council Correspondence here - http://www.marxists.org/subject/left-wing/icc/ (that also includes the publications that ICC turned into, Living Marxism and New Essays). It says there's 12 issues in volume 1. Anyone have the other six? The whole series also runs to 6 volumes.

Mar 10 2016 20:38

International Council Correspondence Volume 1, Numbers 7-12 sourced from the Antonie Pannekoek Archives:

klas batalo
Mar 28 2016 03:36

those archives are such a good resource. also thanks for putting these all up Qasim!