Industrial Worker (October 22, 1927)

Industrial Worker (October 22, 1927)

The October 22, 1927 (Vol. IX, No. 42, Whole No. 566) issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Contents include:

-Walsenburg hall raided!

-A.W.I.U. 110 reports good showing among farm workers

-San Francisco to hold meeting for Colorado strikers

-Labor's "bloodstained trail"

-Three columns of poetry

-Federationists chase 'reds' but patronize scabs

-Militant labor of Japan thumbs nose at company

-Ellis lectures on evolution to Portland crowd

-I.W.W. lines up Colorado beet, potatoe workers

-Longshoremen strike in N.Y.

-Montana pole gang strikes

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