Industrial Worker (January 20, 1940)

Industrial Worker (January 20, 1940)

The January 20, 1940 (Vol. 21, No. 44, Whole No. 204) issue of the Industrial Worker, the newspaper of the revolutionary union, the Industrial Workers of the World (IWW).

Contents include:

-Prepare for Lakes IWW drive!

-IWW workers win sixth raise at Cochrane Brass Co. plant in Cleveland

-British cooperatives divided on war issue

-Learn about militancy from women by T-Bone Slim

-Dies seen as potential Hitler

-Rat Hynes testifies

-Labor in belligerent nations

-You can improve your job by taking it easy

-Court rules employer need not sign contract

-College Professors demand junking of Dies Committee

-Chief political watchdog of capitalism speaks up

-Bossetto thanks GDC

-E. Goldman speaks at Winnipeg

-Crucible steel strike action still curbed by CIO union leadership

-Latest NMU agreement is rank open shop sellout

This issue scanned for as part of an effort which was made possible from funds donated by our users.

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Jul 27 2019 14:23

Any more of these fascinating 1940s IW's in the works?

Juan Conatz
Aug 2 2019 01:10

Nah, what's up on libcom is all I have and I have no plans to do any further digitization or archiving.

However, there is an internal IWW archive for (primarily) members that exists and I could send an email to the person maintaining it asking to give you access to the IW section if you want.

Aug 2 2019 02:15

Yeah, that would be appreciated.