The Good Soldier Švejk - Jaroslav Hašek

The Good Soldier Svejk - Jaroslav Hasek

Satirical anti-war novel in which the absurdity and hypocrisy of the military, the Austro-Hungarian Empire and the church are repeatedly revealed through the main character's enthusiasm for obeying authority.

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Aug 24 2013 23:20

Oh my god this is incredible!! I saw a load of the animation a few months ago. Thank you!

Black Badger
Aug 25 2013 01:52

There was a two-part film made in Czechoslovakia in the '50s and in Germany in 1960 (I think). The Czech actor looks almost exactly like the drawings!

Chilli Sauce
Aug 25 2013 09:29

There were films? I had no idea. Links?

Great addition to library in any case.

the button
Aug 25 2013 09:56

So much love for this book. Read for the first time thirty years ago (FFFFFFUUUUU).

Aug 25 2013 16:47

Apparently Svejk was originally a serial character, I've added the collection of the original sketches before Hasek began the novel.

Also the site I got these from has a pretty extensive bio and collection of his writings

Aug 26 2013 05:47

Hmm.. I swear I've seen a version with Klaus Kinsky. Thought It was directed by Werner Herzog but I can't find any evidence of it on the interwebz.

Aug 26 2013 15:32

Ah, I recently gave up defeated. It had been sitting round on my bedside table for most of the last year. Only got up to the part where the Chaplain sold him to Lieutenant Lukas, I guess that's about a third of the way through. I feel inadequate now.

Serge Forward
Aug 26 2013 16:54

This is one of the best books ever. The translation is a bit stodgy though. There is however, a new print on demand translation doing the rounds. The original Penguin translator did Hašek's The Red Commissar which contains the further adventures of Švejk and other stories. I've also got an Esperanto language collection called Ne nur Soldato Ŝvejk (Not only soldier Ŝvejk), which contains a fair bit of autobiographical stuff.

One of my favourite stories about Hašek was when he somehow got this job as editor of a nature magazine. He got fired when, for a laugh, he published articles about animals he's just made up grin

Aug 26 2013 19:19

A great book though you have to be in the mood to really enjoy it.

‘The Bad Bohemian – The Life of Jaroslav Hasek’ (Abacus/Sphere 1983), by Sir Cecil Parrott is informative about his life, though rather ‘stuffy’ as indicated by the author’s name!

Aug 26 2013 20:14
‘The Bad Bohemian – The Life of Jaroslav Hasek’ (Abacus/Sphere 1983), by Sir Cecil Parrott is informative about his life, though rather ‘stuffy’ as indicated by the author’s name!

Aug 11 2014 18:52
All along the line,' said the volunteer, pulling the blanket over him, 'everything in the army stinks of rottenness. Up till now the wide-eyed masses haven't woken up to it. With goggling eyes they let themselves be made into mincemeat and then when they're struck by a bullet they just whisper, "Mummy!" Heroes don't exist, only cattle for the slaughter and the butchers in the general staffs. But in the end every body will mutiny and there will be a fine shambles. Long live the army! Goodnight!

Aug 12 2014 05:21

Svejk monument in Poland smile

Norman Young
Aug 11 2016 14:52

So true there!

Aug 12 2016 11:45

Loved it when I was younger, should give it a re-read.