The Foundations of Capitalist Economy - An introduction to the Marxist economic analysis of contemporary capitalism

A textbook, written for a readership much wider than academic circles, provides for a systematic understanding of the capitalist system, approached solely with the tools and concepts developed within the Marxian school of economics.

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Mar 23 2014 19:29



Agent of the In...
Mar 23 2014 19:54

A poster (whose account name I forgot) provided a link to the unfinished draft version. Didn't have time to finish it nor the one I posted above, which is the final, complete version. But I had to add it to the library because based on what I read so far, its amazingly simple and straightforward. Its written exactly like a college textbook, which isn't a format used by too many marxists or marxian economists in particular, probably because its not taught in schools.

But two things is accomplished here:

- One, if your a student whose bored and tired of reading economics textbooks propounding bourgeois (neoclassical or keynesian) theories, then this is good counterweight to those textbooks.

- Two, its definitely one of the most accessible ways of acquiring a radical analysis of capitalism, without having to go all the way back and work through all of the works of the great marxist thinkers, from Marx himself to whoever else may have been considered necessary in developing marxian economics till present.

Although, you should probably still read Marx. Just for the sake of it.