E17: Anti-Zionism in Israel, part 1

Anti-Zionism in Israel.

First of a two-part episode on a people's history of Zionism and opposition to it within Israel, in conversation with former members of Israeli socialist group Matzpen, Moshe Machover, Haim and Udi.

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– For more information on Matzpen, check out their website: http://www.matzpen.org/english/ or watch this documentary: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hfcFno2pqJg
– For further reading written by Matzpen co-founder, Moshe Machover, see his archive on the Matzpen site: http://www.matzpen.org/english/tag/moshe-machover/ See also other collections of Moshe’s texts on the Israeli Occupation Archive and libcom.org websites: https://www.israeli-occupation.org/tag/moshe-machover/ // https://libcom.org/tags/moshe-machover
– For a further expansion of Moshe’s discussion on the podcast regarding the resolution of the Israel-Palestine conflict, see his article ‘Resolution of The Israeli–Palestinian conflict: A socialist viewpoint’: http://www.matzpen.org/english/2009-02-10/resolution-of-the-israeli-palestinian-conflict-a-socialist-viewpoint-moshe-machover/
– For more texts written by Moshe’s comrade and fellow Matzpen co-founder, Akiva Orr, see the archives on the Matzpen and libcom.orgwebsites: http://www.matzpen.org/english/tag/akiva-orr/ // https://libcom.org/tags/aki-orr
– The recordings of Aki were taken from the following videos: Origins of the Israeli-Palestinian Conflict – https://youtu.be/MwjKa9v6OAY
// Author and activist Akiva Orr on Israel’s wars – https://vimeo.com/19444809
– The complete archive of the English-language editions of Khamsin: Journal of Revolutionary Socialists of the Middle East can be found on libcom.org: https://libcom.org/library/khamsin-journal-revolutionary-socialists-middle-east
– For a good overview of the history of the Israel-Palestine conflict, we recommend Ilan Pappe’s History of Modern Palestine. We would also recommend Matzpen’s 1972 pamphlet The Other Israel: The Radical Case Against Zionism: http://www.matzpen.org/english/category/the-other-israel/ // https://libcom.org/library/other-israel-radical-case-against-zionism
– For further reading on the workers’ movement (both Arab and Jewish) in Palestine pre-1948, we would recommend Zachary Lockman’s excellent book Comrades and Enemies: Arab and Jewish Workers in Palestine, 1906-1948 (which also contains information on ‘left-wing’ or ‘workers’ Zionism and its contradictions) as well as Musa Budeiri’s Palestine Communist Party, 1919-48: Arab And Jew In The Struggle For Internationalism. Further reading on the Histadrut’s contradictory role as both union organisation and employer can be found in the relevant chapter from The Other Israel: http://www.matzpen.org/english/1972-02-10/the-histadrut-union-and-boss/
– For an overview of the 1947-49 Palestine War, commonly known as the ‘Nakba’ (‘catastrophe’ or ‘disaster’ in English), see the ‘Palestine Problem’ chapter from The Other Israel: http://www.matzpen.org/english/1972-02-10/the-palestine-problem/
– For a more in-depth look at the systematic nature of Zionist ethnic cleansing of Palestinians during the war, see Ilan Pappe’s ‘The 1948 Ethnic Cleansing of Palestine’: https://libcom.org/library/1948-ethnic-cleansing-palestine-ilan-pappe
– For more on the 1967 ‘Six Day’ War, see Moshe’s ‘The War Israel Planned’: https://www.israeli-occupation.org/2017-07-11/moshe-machover-the-war-israel-planned/
– For more on the 1982 Lebanon war, see Chomsky’s ‘History of Israel’s invasion of Lebanon in 1982’: https://www.indybay.org/newsitems/2003/06/23/16218181.php
– For an in-depth look at the first and second intifadas, and the significant differences between them (as well as wider history of resistance and demobilisation by the official organisations of ‘national liberation’, see Aufheben’s ‘Behind the 21st century intifada’: https://libcom.org/library/21st-century-intifada-israel-palestine-aufheben

Edited by Louise Barry, from Audio Interference: http://interferencearchive.org/category/publications/audio/
Thanks to Max Blumenthal (https://twitter.com/MaxBlumenthal)for permission to use audio from video clips which are here: https://youtu.be/MwjKa9v6OAY and https://vimeo.com/19444809

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Nymphalis Antiopa
Aug 15 2020 05:35

This text - protests in Israel 2020 - has a bit about Matzpen. If these protests are anything to go by it seems there's virtually no public expression of anti-Zionism amongst Jews in Israel - probably most of the anti-Zionist Jews outside of jail or the orthodox Haredi "community" have left the country. Or if they've stayed most of them are keeping their heads well down.