E12: The League of Revolutionary Black Workers in Detroit

League of Revolutionary Black Workers.

Episode about the League of Revolutionary Black Workers in Detroit in the late 60s/early 70s, in conversation with Herb Boyd, author of Black Detroit and former member of the group, and Dan Georgakas, author of Detroit I Do Mind Dying.

Bonus audio with Herb about Detroit’s black history available exclusively for our patreon supporters here:
This is a short history of the League:


– Detroit: I Do Mind Dying, by Dan Georgakas and Marvin Surkin is the definitive book on the league, available here:
– Black Detroit, by Herb Boyd is available here:
– This is an archive of content about the League:
– Finally Got the News – a documentary made at the time about the group can be seen here:


– Facing Reality – archive by and about them here:
– James Boggs – this is a great text by Boggs about his experiences:
– Grace Lee Boggs – archive by and about her here:
– Martin Glaberman – archive by and about him here:
– The 1967 Detroit rebellion –
– Bristol Radical History Group – here is the video of the talk with General Baker:


– Edited by Abbey Little
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