Documents from the 2017 Vaughn Uprising

Support Vaughn Prisoners

A collection of documents related to the February 2017 Vaughn uprising in Delaware, when inmates rose up in a rebellion against both their immediate living conditions and the beginning of Donald Trump's presidency.

For further information on the Vaughn Uprising, listen to the audio interview with Thomas Gordon available here.
The attachments to this post are a poster about ways to support the Vaughn 17, and a zine, "Live from the Trenches", in which the Vaughn inmates speak out in their own words.

The Vaughn 17 are all currently held at:

Sussex Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 500
Georgetown DE 19947

Their specific details are:

Pedro Chairez
SBI# 00697878
Date of birth: 08/17/1975

Janis Mathis
SBI# 00492275
Date of birth: 04/24/1992

Jarreau Ayers
SBI# 294204
Date of birth: 06/15/1981

Obadiah Miller
SBI# 00605360
Date of birth: 08/04/1992

Alejandro Rodriguez-Ortiz
SBI# 00515700
Date of birth: 12/17/1989

Deric Forney
SBI# 00485314
Date of birth: 02/06/1989

Jonathan Rodriguez
SBI# 00593313
DOB: 12/31/1991

Roman Shankaras
SBI# 00376142
DOB: 01/31/1987

Corey Smith
SBI# 00456039
Date of birth: 07/14/1985

Kelly Gibbs
SBI# 00546917
Date of birth: 10/01/1988

Dwayne Staats
SBI# 467005
Date of birth: 11/10/1981

Luis Sierra
(Abdul-Haqq El-Qadeer)
SBI# 00455723
Date of birth: 02/19/1986

Lawrence Michaels
SBI# 630903
Date of birth: 08/14/1986

Robert Hernandez
SBI# 00643521
Date of birth: 09/25/1981

John Bramble
SBI# 450202
Date of birth: 09/01/1989

Kevin Berry
SBI# 00496645
Date of birth: 07/17/1990

Abednego Baynes
SBI# 00582322
Date of birth: 05/20/1992

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