Crises of capitalism - David Harvey

Crises of capitalism - David Harvey

Excellent animation narrated by David Harvey in which he explains the reasons for the current global economic crisis.

Crises of Capitalism - David Harvey from Libcom Dot Org on Vimeo.

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Nov 1 2011 22:50


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Nov 2 2011 13:23

Nice one!
I read his Enigma of Capital & the Crises of Capitalism a few months back and it explained a bunch of economic stuff I was always a bit hazy on.
This video is a sweet summary for anyone who hasn't read it.

Gonna make the effort to read some more of his stuff this year as well.

S. Artesian
Nov 2 2011 14:48

His argument reduces itself to the typical, one-dimensional, and unMarxist "underconsumption" "effective demand" theory-- sometimes dressed up as "fictitious capital" theory.

Really, Harvey does not "get" Marx's analysis of the contradictions of capitalist accumulation despite his claims to the contrary; or he does get it, and rejects it in favor of underconsumption/effective demand theory.

Nov 11 2011 23:09

Excellent video presentation. Very imaginative and quite the opposite of boring - wish it were always that way!

May 31 2012 11:36

This is really excellent

Oct 1 2012 16:33

Some serious doubts about Harvery's interpretation of Marx's analysis and his understanding of Capitalist Crisis - He comes accross in many respects as a leftist neo-Keynesian.

There is a reasonable review of Harvey's 'The Enigma of Capital' on The Commune website though a fairly limited follow up discussion see:

and also in the library here an earlier review by Paul Mattick Jnr of Harvey's 'Limits to Capital'
which I would recomend.