Conquered city - Victor Serge

Conquered city - Victor Serge

Victor Serge's novel about the early days of the Bolshevik regime, written in 1932 in France after being expelled from the Soviet Union and part biographical.

I dedicate this book to my
Comrades in France and Spain,
For we must try to rescue the
true face of the Revolution from
oblivion and legend;
This is necessary to purge
our strength,
to obey the highest necessity more
not to ask it to justify
our errors,
to better accomplish what
must be accomplished,
And so that man will be reborn
one day in every man.


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Oct 20 2014 19:32

Since its been ten years since the MIA uploading of this book stalled and apparently my own copy is the same translation I'll be uploading the remaining chapters after I've typed them up into a word doc. This will take awhile.

Oct 20 2014 20:58

You are a legend..

Feb 2 2015 18:18

And its done.