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The guillotine at work - Gregori Maximov History 7
The struggle against the state and other essays - Nestor Makhno Library 7
Bernard Reichenbach:The KAPD in retrospect - An interview with a member of the Communist Workers Party of Germany History 7
Bourgeois influences on anarchism - Luigi Fabbri Library 7
Labor discipline and the decline of the soviet system - Don Filtzer History 7
Spanish Civil War and Revolution poster gallery, 1936-39 images 7
What is anarchism? - Alexander Berkman Library 7
1970-71: Uprising in Poland History 7
History of the Makhnovist movement, 1918-1921 - Peter Arshinov History 7
The class struggle in the ancient Greek world - G. E. M. de Ste. Croix History 7
The state: Its historic role - Peter Kropotkin Library 7
Welcome to the 'Chinese century'? Library 7
Vietnam: The collapse of the armed forces - Marine Colonel Robert D. Heinl Jr. History 7
“If we have rice, we can have everything”: a critique of Khmer Rouge ideology and practice Library 6
Fighting for ourselves: Anarcho-syndicalism and the class struggle - Solidarity Federation Library 6
Soviets and Factory Committees in the Russian Revolution - Peter Rachleff History 6
Revolutionary syndicalism in Mexico - John M. Hart History 6
The ivory tower of theory: A critique of Theorie Communiste and "The glass floor" - TPTG Library 6
Debate between Blaumachen and Internationalist Perspective Library 6
Agrarian class structure and economic development in pre-industrial Europe - Robert Brenner History 6