Black Flag vol 05 #05 (1978)

Black Flag vol 05 #05 (1978)

The State was still jumpy in 1978 in the wake of the 1970-72 Angry Brigade bombings, and intense "anti-terror" activity was continuing to cause havoc in anarchist circles. The arrest of Mill and Bennet would turn into the infamous Persons Unknown trial.


  • Iris Mill and Ronan Bennett: Arrested again under the Prevention of Terrorism Act
  • Anarchist Black Cross: Ten Years On
  • Anti-terror squad repression of anarchists, and use of fascists as a political tool
  • Roon an Aboot - regular roundup column
  • The Struggle Continues! - King Juan Carlos of Spain is warmly received by the People's Republic of China
  • International Revolutionary Solidarity Movement announces fake bomb plant at Spainish travel bureau Spain
  • Tours in Stockholm
  • Computer rip-offs
  • Letters
  • International in-briefs
  • Inside Out
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