Black Flag 233 (early 2011)

Black Flag 233 (early 2011)

One of our more eclectic issues, in the May issue of 2011 we picked up on the student protests and interviewed the recently reformed Atari Teenage Riot, while Iain McKay predicted (correctly) that neoliberal consensus and attempts to suck up to international markets through attacks on the working class would do little to bring growth or stability...


  • Cover story: Lessons of protest
  • In focus: The students’ fight
  • Analysis: Exposing neoliberal doublespeak as cuts hit the economic “recovery”
  • Breathing Utopia: Looking at how our mail system would work ... post revolution.
  • Analysis: The Stage Army
  • Interview: Active Distribution
  • Interview: Atari Teenage Riot
  • History: Making of a people’s song: How the Red Flag was inspired by anarchists
  • Radical Reprint: Remembering Kronstadt on its 90th anniversary
  • History: Class struggle and its burgeoning influence on the story of stories
  • History: Part Two of Brian Morris’s ode to the revolutionary prince, Peter Kropotkin


  • Review: Iain McKay’s introduction to Mutual Aid
  • Review: Looking at the Socialist Party’s politics
  • Review: Derek Wall and his eco-socialism
  • Hob’s Choice: Our regular roundup of the best political pamphlets
  • Review response: Dave Douglass, Ade Dimmick and Nick Heath go over the lengthy review of Douglass’s biography from last issue
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