Black Flag 231 (Mid 2010)

Black Flag 231 (Mid 2010)

This issue is both a celebration of big anniversaries and big voices who are sadly no longer with us, while also keeping an eye on the future for information.


  • Cover story: Why parliament has lumbered us with a dodgy digital future
  • Interview: Flag gets hold of one of its founders after 40 years for a chat about him and the magazine
  • Debate: Scouring the best thinkers in search of an answer to to the question: Why vote?
  • Breathing Utopia: Freeing information in a post revolutionary world
  • Anniversary: Celebrating the century for Britannica’s classic introduction to anarchism
  • Theory: The problem with nationalism
  • Radical Reprint: Marking Colin Ward’s life through his work on housing
  • Theory: On prefuturist anarchism
  • Reportage: Looking at the NHS
  • Overview: Libertarian approaches to healthcare
  • History: Looking into the background of the Internationale
  • Anniversary: The Poll Tax riots
  • Interview: A last chat with radical historian Howard Zinn


  • Dear Granny Smith
  • Hob’s Choice: All the best new pamphlets
  • Review Debate: Non-Leninist Marxism
  • Malatesta’s Anarchy

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