Black Flag 229 (2009)

Black Flag 229 (2009)

Issue 229 saw a widening out of content for the magazine, with both internal looks at issues of interest to the anarchist movement and analysis of events in the wider world, including the headline article on the aftermath of the Grek riots at the end of 2008 and over the economic crisis gripping the world.

In focus: In the first of a three-part series, Tom Gaynor looks at New Labour’s time in power.
News: Laura Norder enters the Sparrow’s Nest, Nottingham’s archive of liberty.
Interview: Black Flag talks to Irish anarchist Andrew Flood about his recent journey into the weird and wonderful world of US activism.
Investigation: Paul Stott on media attempts to link Islamist terror to 19th century anarchists.
Interview: Rob Ray talks to a member of the Legal Defence and Monitoring Group about protest and policing.
Theory: The Anarchist Federation bring their perspective to the economic crisis.
Analysis: Iain McKay remarks on the tendency of writers to impose their own prejudices on anarchist theory in defiance of reality.
History: Continuing our look at anarchists past, Ade Dimmick writes on Simone Weil.
Radical Reprint: Malatesta explains why anarchism is not a destructive creed but a creative one.
History: Glasgow’s Bloody Friday in 1919.
Interview: Mark Leir on his new biographical account of Mikhail Bakunin.
Review: Live Working or Die Fighting by Paul Mason.
Review: The Anarchist FAQ.
Reviews column: Hob’s Choice, rounding up some of the best new pamphlets available.

Black Flag is stocked in radical bookshops across the UK and available from AK Distribution and Active Distro. The editorial address is Black Flag, BM Hurricane, London, WC1N 3XX, UK. Each issue costs £3 + £1 p&p. UK cheques payable 'Black Flag'. Email blackflagmag AT for more information.

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Hinnys on Holidays
May 26 2011 14:19

The link to this issue, under 'For other issues...' of other BFs, isn't working. It seems to direct to a blank library dead end. I accessed this page through a search.

Rob Ray
May 26 2011 15:36

Thanks, I'll hopefully be overhauling the links are the bottom soon to just go from "Current" to "previous" and "next" anyway I think, avoids having to list all of them on every page.

May 27 2011 08:50

Rob, I would worry about doing those links in a new way, we can just set up a book page for black flags which will automatically put them in order, like we do with Resistance and Catalyst, etc

May 27 2011 09:39

Just to say this is now done, here:

to add new issues go to that page and click "add child page". If there are any other old issues of black flag here I haven't found, you can put them into that book via the outline tab, or the book outline section when you edit it.

Rob Ray
May 27 2011 11:40

Ah nice one cheers Steven!