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C D Ward CGTT Ciaran Common Struggle
C. Alexander Chachage Seithy L. Chachage Ciaran Doolin Common Struggle-Libertarian Communist Federation
C. Charrier Chaim Leib Weinberg CICA Communicating Vessels
C. Dunnington Chalmers Johnson Cicih Sukaesih Communication Workers Group
C. J. S. Sprigge Champ G. Carter Cienfuegos Press Communist Anarchism Blogspot
C. L. R. James Chantal López Cigar Workers Union Communist Anarchism project
C. Longmore Chantal Mouffe Cihan Kendal Communist Bulletin Group
C. Vann Woodward Charlatan Stew Cindy Milstein Communist Club
C.B. Currie Charles A. Breckenridge CIO Communist Headache
C.B. Daring Charles Ashleigh CIRA-Nippon Communist Iskra
C.C. Charles Boutoff CISL Communist League of America: Left Opposition
C.E. Payne Charles Bukowski CL James Communist League of Tampa
C.M. Rupel Charles Cobb CLA Communist Left
C.S. Soong Charles Darwin Clancy Sigal Communist Party
C4ss Charles Denby Clandestina group Communist Party (Australia)
Caio Martins Charles Dickens CLAP collective Communist Party (USA)
Caitlin Casey Charles Erskine Scott Wood Clara Freedman Solomon Communist Party of Great Britain - Marxist Leninist
Caitlin Manning Charles Fourier Clara Newcome Communist Party of the U.S.A. (Marxist-Leninist)
Cajo Brendel Charles Imboden Clara Thalmann Communist Party of Yugoslavia
Calais Migrant Solidarity Charles Jacquier Clara Zetkin Communist Research Cluster
Caleb Williams Charles Lahr Claremont Solidarity Communist Workers Party of Poland
Callum Cant Charles Lutwidge Clash City Workers Communist Workers' Organisation
Calvaire Charles Morris class Community (union)
Cameron Minshull Charles Post Class War Community Council for Hueyapan Autonomy
Camilla Power Charles Radcliffe Class War Aoteroa Comrade Motopu
Camillo Berneri Charles Reeve Class War Group Comrades from Cairo
Camilo Viveiros Charles Robert Plunkett Class War U Comrades from the anarchist space of Athens
Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament Charles Storm CLASSE Comunistas por la Autoliberación Integral
Campaign for Real Life Charles T. Sprading Claude Bitot Con Dogan
Canadian Federation of Students Charles van Onselen claude gillon Conal Thwaite
Canek Sanchez Guevara Charles Velsek Claude Guillon Concha Liano
Careless Talk Charles-André Udry Claude Lefort Concha Perez
Carers Talk Charlie Bloggs Claude Levi-Strauss Conference of Socialist Economists
Caribbean Correspondence Charlie Chaplin Claudia Jones Conflict MN
Carissa Honeywell Charlie Gee Claudio Pozzoli Connessioni Precarie
Carl Boggs Charlie Haden Claudio.J.Katz Connie X
Carl Cassegård Charlie Hebdo Claus Peter Ortlieb Conor McLoughlin
Carl Davidson Charlie McGuire Claustrophobia Collective Conrad Lynn
Carl E. Sigmond Charlotte Franklin Clayton E. Cramer Conservatives
Carl Levy Charlotte Wilson CLC Conspiracy of Fire Nuclei
Carl Madsen Charlton Works Clement Meric Constance Bantman
Carl Schmitt Chartists Clement Richardson Wood Constance R. Sutton
Carl Wittman Chas J. Miller Cleo Silvers Constantinos Speras
Carles Sanz Chas. J. Miller Cleveland Metal and Machinery Workers IU 440 Contra Info
Carlo Cafiero Chatcharin Chaiwat Clif Bennet Contradiction
Carlo Rosselli Chaz Bufe Clifford Harper Cooperation Jackson
Carlo Tresca Che Guevara Clifford Lee Coordinación Anarquista Brasileña
Carlos Cortez Chepina Hukku Clifford Odets Coordinadora
Carlos Perez Cheri Honkala Clifton Ross Coordinadora Estatal de Trabajadores del Mar
Carlos Semprún Maura Cherry Angioma Climate Ground Zero Coordinadora Regional de Autoridades Comunitarias
Carlus Hudson Chicago Alliance Against Racist & Political Repression Climate Justice Collective Coordinated Anarchist Groups
Carmen Crespo Chicago Anarchist Black Cross Clitora E. Cummings Coordination 75
Carmen Ludwig Chicago Autonomous Zone Infoshop Clive Bradley Copwatch Santa Ana
Carol Ehrlich Chicago Couriers Union CLR James Corey Doctorow
Carol Vanderveer Hamilton Chicago Revolutionary Network Club Med-O Cornelius Castoriadis
Carole Travis Chicago Surrealist Group Clyde McKay Corporate Watch
Caroline Cahm Chicho Sanchez Ferlosio Clydeside IWW corre
Caroline Dreyfuss Chico Mendes CND Correspondence Publishing Committee
Caroline K. Kaltefleiter Chilean student movement CNT Cortez Cienfuegos
Caroline Leneghan Chinese Communist Party CNT-AIT (France) Cory Doctorow
Caroline Lucas Ching Kwan Lee CNT-AIT (Spain) COSATU
Caroline Nelson Chloe Marsh CNT-F Costantino Paonessa
Carolyn A. Brown Choccy CNT-Solidarité Ouvrière council communism
Carolyn Brown Chris A CNTE Council for the Eruption of the Marvelous
Carolyn Eichner Chris Agenda CNV Counter Info Lab
Carrotworkers Collective Chris Arsenault COB Counter Information
Cartoneros Chris Booker COBAS CounterJihad
Cary Grant Chris C. Wright Coeur de Bord Counterpunch
Casa del Obrero Mundial Chris Carlsson COFIAA Countryside Alliance
Casapound Chris Chen Coghnorti Couriers Network Cymru
Case con Chris Coles cognord Courtney Desiree Morris
Cash Stevens Chris Cutrone COHSE Covington Hall
Casilda Hernaez Chris Ealham Col Longmore Coy McKinney
Cassandra Pybus Chris Goodey Colectivo ETCÉTERA CPGB
Cassius V. Cook Chris Gray Coletivo Comunista Anarquista CPI-M
Cathal Brennan Chris Hani Colette CPSA
Catherine Gibson Chris Hedges Colette Braekman CRAC-PC
Catherine Holt Chris Jackson Colin B West Craftwork
Catholic Worker Chris Knight Colin Bossen Craven Rock
Cathy Devine Chris Perry Colin Everett Crawford Morgan
Cautiously Pessimistic Chris Rhomberg Colin M. Anderson CrimethInc.
Cava Sundays Chris Rodrigues Colin Macinnes Cristina Guzzo
CAW Chris Shutes Colin O Critical Resistance
Ceasefire Magazine Chris W. Colin O’Malley Critique of Political Economy
Cebe Chris Webb Colin Parker Critique Sociale
Cecelia F. Buck Chris Wright Colin Roach Centre Critisticuffs
Cedar Larson Christiaan Cornelissen Colin Skelly Crn Blok
Cedric J Robinson Christian Koller Colin Ward Crudo
Celine Christian Marazzi Collar Laundry Union Crystal Stella Becerril
Cellules Communistes Combattantes Christian Palloix Collectif Emma Goldman CSRF Network
Celluloid Liberation Front Christiane Passevant Collective Action CSU
Celso Persici Christine Delphy Collective Action Notes CTU
center for a stateless society Christine Wall Collective Reinventions CtW
Central Organization of the Workers of Sweden Christopher Boehm Colman McCarthy Cuadernos de Negaciòn
Centre 42 Christopher Chitty Colt Thundercat Cuban Communist Party
Centre for anarchist studies Christopher Connery Combahee River Collective Culinary Workers Union
Centro di Ricerca per l’Azione Comunista Christopher Gertis Come Out Culture Industry
Centro Journal Christopher Hill Comitati Unitari di Base Culture Machine
Cesar Chavez Christopher Isherwood Comite pro Accion Sindical CUPE
CFDT Christopher J. Arthur Comités Syndicalistes révolutionnaires CUPW
CFMEU Christopher J. Castañeda Committee Against Political Repression Curtis Price
CGIL Christopher McMichael Committee for Academic Freedom in Africa CWA
CGT Christopher Prendergast Committee for Nonviolent Revolution CWO
CGT Christopher Wellbrook Committee of 100 CWU
CGT (France) Christos Zervas Committee of correspondence for an anarcho-syndicalist liaison group Cybernetic Culture Research Unit
CGT (Mexico) Chuang Committee of Soldiers’ Mothers of Russia Cyril Smith
CGT (Spain) Chuck Morse Common Cause Czech Communist Party
CGT (Uruguay) CIA Common Sense