Anarchy #015: The Work of David Wills

Anarchy #015: The Work of David Wills

Issue of Anarchy magazine from May 1962

  • The work of David Wills (Anthony Weaver)
  • Clinical aspects of the work of David Wills (‘Consultant Psychiatrist’)
  • Down in the jungle (David Downes)
  • Do we want happy children? (Dachine Rainer)
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Is it just me or are some of these pdfs not working? This pdf isn't showing up for me, nor is #16.. haven't looked at any others but think it's a problem of the file names..

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They work fine for me on multiple computers. You can check if its a filename issue for you by right clicking, save target as and renaming the file.

Jul 25 2016 12:08

Works fine for me on Internet Explorer and Chrome. Anyone else having problems?