Anarchism: Arguments for and Against - Albert Meltzer

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This tract by celebrated British anarchist Albert Meltzer attempts to answer some of the most common objections to anarchism, but also to offer a critical view of the anarchist movement itself.

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Boris Badenov
Apr 18 2010 00:35



Apr 19 2010 09:12

thanks for posting this. I remember reading this book are quite a few years ago, but finding it not that helpful, and quite confused in places. I know that other people do rate it, however.

Apr 19 2010 09:46

Cheers for sharing this.

Apr 20 2010 12:03

I just re-read this the other day. I recommend giving it a look. Meltzer makes a good argument for circumscribing anarchism.

Boris Badenov
Apr 20 2010 14:58

I agree, Steven. It's nothing amazing, but given its short length and accessible style, it might prove useful as an introduction to some people.

Apr 20 2010 18:11

I can confirm that its a good read. smile

Apr 20 2010 22:29
Lumpen wrote:
Meltzer makes a good argument for circumscribing anarchism.

Well quite literally, what with all the weird little 'political compass'-type diagrams he and Christie did in Floodgates of Anarchy.