Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics

Accumulation of Freedom: Writings on Anarchist Economics

Collection of writings from various writers/thinkers on a range of topics, including a history of the different anarchist traditions, different types of worker organizations, cooperatives, etc. It's somewhat mis-titled as it's not necessarily about anarchist/anarchist communist economics (it includes contributions from parecon thinkers Robin Hahnel and Michael Albert).

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May 31 2018 18:28

Any chance of adding Table of Contents to the PDF?

May 31 2018 19:05
MT wrote:
Any chance of adding Table of Contents to the PDF?

If you go through and write a quick table of contents and pasted up here, then we can add it to the PDF. (If you do it, and the PDF page number corresponds with the page number of the book you can see, please just add 1 to the relevant page number so that they will still be correct after we adding an extra page at the beginning for the table of contents)– Or even better you could just add it directly yourself, if you use Word to write up the TOC, then save the page as a PDF and you can add it to the original using this:
then you can Edit this article and attach your new improved ver

May 31 2018 19:28

I got a better pdf with images. I'll add a table of contents and upload it. Not sure why the original didn't come with one.

Jun 1 2018 02:25

Updated. I tried adding hyperlinks for the pdf but Acrobat wasn't cooperating with me. I might work on it more later. The epub has a TOC near the end (for whatever reason) with hyperlinks.

Jun 1 2018 13:57

Amazing thanks!

Henry Laws
Jun 21 2018 10:42

I added a higher quality PDF version of the book.