Akiko Yagi (1895-1983)

Aki Yagi (age 16)

A short biography of Japanese anarchist and feminist Aki Yagi

Direct Action: Paper of the Direct Action Movement (1980s)

An incomplete archive of Direct Action, a paper produced by the Direct Action Movement. Taken from the excellent collection at the Sparrow's Nest.

Fighting Talk Edinburgh: Broadsheet of Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Action

An archive of Fighting Talk Edinburgh, a publication produced by Edinburgh Anti-Fascist Action in the early 1990s. First made available online by the Anti-Fascist Archive.

Cahn, Berthold (1871-1942)

Berthold Cahn (holding briefcase)

A short biography of German Jewish anarchist communist Berthold Cahn

آگوستین گویامیون: سنگر ها در بارسلونا: کنفدراسیون ملی کار از پیروزی ماه ژوئیه سال 1936 تا شکست ناگزیر ماه می سال 1937

تاکید برفراگیری تجربه خودکارگران در عرصه مبارزه طبقاتی، نقش و عملکرد دولت سرمایه داری در نظام سرمایه در شرایط عادی و بحرانی، درک بورژوایی مارکسیست ها از فاشیسم و همکاری آن ها با دولتهای بورژوایی علیه فاشیسم و تقویت نهاد دولت علیه طبقه کارگر

Striking Stuff - Jean A. Gittins

A collection of poems that were written by a member of Yorkshire Women Against Pit Closures during the 1984-85 miners' strike and read at fundraising benefits around the coalfield. Taken from the 1 in 12 Publications archive.

Sadako Kurihara (1913-2005)

Sadako Kurihara

A short biography of Japanese anarchist poet Sadako Kurihara

Bakunin's Conceptions of Revolutionary Organisations and Their Role: A Study of His 'Secret Societies' - Arthur Lehning

Mikhail Bakunin

An article by noted scholar of Bakunin, Arthur Lehning, on the Russian revolutionary's infamous 'secret societies' and their significance. From Essays in Honour of E. H. Carr (1974), edited by Chimen Abramsky and Beryl Williams.

The 1918 flu pandemic in the CNT media

The notorious flu epidemic of 1918 – known as the ‘Spanish’ flu epidemic – was first reported among US troops bound for the First World War trenches. Given the enormous mobility of troops at the time, the disease was largely free to spread to fresh population centres and so it claimed the lives of 50 million people worldwide. Spreading like wildfire. A powerful example of the destructive power of a pandemic.

The Coronavirus Disaster and the Forces for Change

Respect Public Hospital Nurses and our Patients

The UK Government's handling of the coronavirus disaster has been chaotic from the start. Meanwhile, criticism from opposition parties has been half-hearted at best.[1] Consequently, health professionals and scientists have had to lead the way in holding the Government to account.