Wow! May Day

Wow! May Day

1978 public kick off event of the Libertarian Workers Group of New York

1978 leaflet announcing May Day event at the Free Association. May Day event cosponsored by the NYC libertarian socialist newspaper "Against the Grain" and socialist center "Free Association."

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Mar 18 2018 22:38


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R Totale
Mar 19 2018 10:42

Does anyone know who used to do the little hedgehog cartoons, and is there an archive of them anywhere?

Mar 19 2018 13:19

We clipped it from London Solidarity

Mar 19 2018 14:32

I was told (but cannot personally confirm) that the author was Juan McIver, originally a member of the UK Solidarity group then in the split which formed 'World Revolution' subsequently part of the ICC and following the first massive split in that organisation circa 1981 (to be followed by others), he has, (influenced in some ways by the later Camatte, GMTamas and others?) taken up a far more critical and antagonistic approach towards organised communist politics though I don't know of anything else he may have engaged in?

Mar 19 2018 14:48

This was one of our scissors favorite "victims" for London Solidarity hedgehog graphics: "Workers' councils and the economics of self-managed society"
Also, "As We See it" also by London Solidarity.

Thanks Spikelike as to who the artist may have been.

We also used cartoons by the in-house cartoonist of the British IS/SWP as well.... well known, forgot his name

Mar 19 2018 15:04

But more importantly see these critiques provided by Mciver at an earlier stage still available on this site here: and
Would be good to have these texts in the libcom library before they are lost but don't know how to do that.
There is also reference to an important lost text here: