Slippery slopes (the anarchists in Spain) - Manuel Azaretto

The Central Committee of Antifascist Militias

Written in 1939 by a member of FORU (Regional Workers Federation of Uruguay), this book—a scathing indictment of the leaders of the Spanish CNT and FAI for their “betrayal” of anarchist principles—contains, in addition to official documents and proclamations of the CNT and FAI and articles from the Spanish and international anarchosyndicalist press, relevant passages drawn from Max Nettlau, Diego Abad de Santillán, David Antona, Federica Montseny, Juan García Oliver, Pierre Besnard, Alexander Schapiro, Sebastién Faure, Camillo Berneri, Mariano Vázquez, Mikhail Bakunin and other anarchists and anarchosyndicalists.

Translated in May-June 2014 from the Spanish original by Manuel Azaretto, Las Pendientes Resbaladizas (Los anarquistas en España), Editorial Germinal, Montevideo, 1939.

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Jun 15 2014 20:27

This looks great, thanks!

Alias Recluse
Jun 15 2014 20:31

Do I have to edit the "weight" for the introductory sections (Preface, etc.) to -2, -1, and 0 in order to get the right order?

Jun 15 2014 21:51

Yes, that's right!

For chapters which go from one digit to 2, you need to set a higher weight for the chapters over 9 (otherwise 10 will follow 1). But as you have already uploaded a lot you could just keep going and we will fix it at the end for you

Jun 15 2014 22:00

Right, so I have put them in order now, up to chapter 24, although with the first three I had to guess as I wasn't sure which order they were meant to go in, so feel free to edit them if necessary

Alias Recluse
Jun 15 2014 22:05

Thanks for arranging the chapters into the correct order. The first three introductory chapters go in the following order: Introduction by Jose A. Barrionuevo; To the militants of the FOR; Preface.

Jun 16 2014 07:36

This looks incredible.. nice one for doing this all, you're seriously adding a wealth on info on the Spanish Civil War that I never knew existed..

Jun 16 2014 08:05

Oh, fantastic! Thanks for putting that up! Having read various IWA texts from that period and knowing what came next, I would say that they were rather polite in their writings. A very sober warning as to what can happen when a critical mass of people pursuing reformist tendencies try to have their way. Not to mention that they proposed taking away votes from sections that were "not legal" and hijacked the congress by not including mandates and votes. A sad and dark part of history, but one we need to learn from.

Jun 18 2014 00:57

Added epub and mobi files with tables of contents.

Jun 18 2014 08:52

Amazing, cheers!

Jun 18 2014 09:11

By the way, with all the stuff that Alias has been uploading, should we update the Spanish Civil War reading guide?