Republic of egos: a social history of the Spanish Civil War - Michael Seidman

Republic of egos: a social history of the Spanish Civil War - Michael Seidman

Michael Seidman's bold interpretation of the Spanish Civil War builds on the project of his earlier monograph, Workers Against Work: Labor in Paris and Barcelona during the Popular Front (1991), to "bring back the individual" into historical studies.

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Sep 9 2011 18:24

Individuals don't exist. Individualists, go back to reading Ayn Rand

Sep 9 2011 18:38

What do you want to tell us with this comment?

Sep 9 2011 18:54

I don't know why the post has been changed but the introduction above was taken from this site:

May 16 2012 16:25

Seidman's book - (alongside with Sandie Holguín's "Creating Spaniards. Culture and National Identity in Republican Spain") is reviewed by Helen Graham in the Journal of Spanish Cultural Studies, Vol. 4/2003. The review (in English) is online at
(you have to scroll down ca. half the page).

Her review is devastating, »what we get in this book is not really a historical analysis at all but rather a skidding across the surface, a descriptive compendium of archival or bibliographically derived snippets that lead nowhere in particular. The primary and secondary referencing is at times careless (some of the archival references are very odd indeed) and the frequent use of superannuated Anglo-American bibliography is unacceptable when an extensive specialist Spanish historiography is now readily available«.

And: Seidman's "Republic of Egos" is »a defence of neo-liberal economic individualism«.

I also recommend Helen's review of "Workers Against Work" (International Review of Social History, Vol. XXXVII, 1992, p. 276 - 281), which can be obtained here:

Jul 15 2012 12:19

As someone critical of the more romantic and ideologised anarchist versions of the revolutionary content of Spain in 1936 and the ensuing civil war period (and a former member of Subversion quoted by Skraeling on the other related thread) I had hoped to get something more useful out of this book which I managed to plod through on my recent holiday.

True it did reinforce my understanding of how ideological militancy cannot on it's own overcome the influence of material conditions both historical and immediate and did perhaps suggest that many ordinary workers understood that the 'game was up' long before the committed ideological miltants, but beyond that it was a severe disapointment and I have to thank Bonavertura for the linked critical reviews which I find little to disagree with.

Mar 22 2013 20:20

I'm glad we all realize Seidman is a fucking idiot.