Mann, Enrique Martinez 'Quique', 1927-1947

Enrique Martinez Mann

Brief biographical information about Spanish anarchist and anti-Franco guerrilla movement fighter Enrique Martinez Mann, 'Quique'.

Enrique Martinez Mann
Nicknamed 'Quique', born 14 April 1927 - Barcelona, Spain, died 26 August 1947 - Spanish border with France

Enrique Martinez Mann, or 'Quique', was born in Barcelona on the 14th April 1927.

He belonged to the Young Libertarians of Carmelo and was the delegate for this neighbourhood to the local section of the anarchist Federation of Libertarian Youth (FIJL) which had fought in the Spanish Civil War and played an important role in the resistance to Franco after the fascist victory.

He was arrested on the 8th August 1947 but was released on the 25th March 1948. He died on the 26th August in a Guardia Civil ambush on the French frontier. He was buried in the cemetery of Espolla (Gerona). He was 22.

Edited by libcom from the pamphlet The Anarchist Resistance to Franco - Biographical notes, by Antonio Tellez. £2, published by the Kate Sharpley Library

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