The Prison Memoirs Of A Japanese Woman

Kaneko Fumiko

The memoirs of Japanese anarchist and anti-colonial activist Fumiko Kaneko, written while she was in prison, where she died most likely by suicide in 1926.

The Iranian Revolution at the Twilight of the Workers' Council

Riots in Tehran during the 1979 Revolution

A short history and analysis of the Iranian Revolution with a focus on the role of the working class and the rise and fall of the shoras workers councils.

A leftist history of the U.S. economy

A summary of Richard Du Boff's comprehensive history of the American economy.

نامه ساموئل گومپرز به فردریک انگلس

ساموئل گومپرز پس از بروز اختلاف بین وی و حزب سوسیالیست برای دفاع از مواضعش از انگلس تقاضای کمک میکند.

The Second World War: A Marxist History

A summary of an exemplary work of Marxist scholarship. (More such summaries here.)

The Life and Times of Jimmy Hoffa

There appears not to be a thorough, fair-minded history of Jimmy Hoffa anywhere on the internet. So here's one. Hoffa was far from perfect, but he did a lot of good.

Down But Not Out: The Unemployed in Chicago during the Great Depression

This is a Ph.D. dissertation in the field of U.S. labor history. See www.wrightswriting.com/ for more Marxist scholarship.

1928: The Santa Marta Massacre

Diplomatic reports from various US and Colombian government agencies and the United Fruit Company about a strike by plantation workers in 1928 and the governments bloody actions to break it. The Santa Marta strike is often referred to as the Banana massacre due to its high death toll.

استقرار نظام سرمایه در آمریکا، ریشه ها و شرایط تکوین اول ماه مه

[:" مبارزه پرولتاریا برای فراگیری تاریخِ خود جبهه ای در میانِ جبهه های متعدد در مبارزه طبقاتی است. این امری صرفا تئوریک، یا تجریدی یا کهنه و ملال¬¬آور نیست، این بخشی و جزئی از خود آگاهیِ طبقاتی است و میتواند به عنوان تئوریزه کردن تجربیات تاریخی پرولتاریای جهانی تعریف شود."

Kozhin, Foma (18?- 1921)

Foma Kozhin

A short biography of Makhnovist commander Foma Kozhin