Hot Autumn photo gallery, Italy 1969

Photos of strikes, demonstrations, occupations and mass assemblies of workers and students from Italy's 'Hot Autumn' of 1969. Also includes photos from the funeral of anarchist Giuseppe Pinelli, who had been murdered by police earlier that year.

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Feb 14 2011 22:14


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Juan Conatz
Feb 15 2011 00:13

Where are these from?

Feb 15 2011 00:27

From an Italian newspaper.. some pretty amazing pictures in there, really gives the feel of how much of a mass movement it was.. it looked like everyone was on strike!

Feb 15 2011 09:46

This is amazing!

Was this all from 1969 alone?

There aren't many photos of these years online anywhere, and I have searched! So nice one for doing this

Feb 16 2011 00:19
Steven. wrote:
Was this all from 1969 alone?


Was actually thinking of looking through some other Italian sites for other pics from this period..

PS Check this bad boy out.. Italians mourn the death of Ho Chi Minh..

Feb 20 2011 20:55

The Picture where the anarchists have their fists in the air during the funeral of Giuseppe Pinelli, is truly brilliant.

May 16 2011 20:06

wow these are great