German revolution maps

A map of the German revolution.

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klas batalo
Sep 5 2016 23:40


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Sep 6 2016 01:28

very interesting!

Sep 6 2016 09:45

That's really interesting. What is the source for this? Also is the image displaying full size, above or has it been shrunk? If the latter, if you edit this entry and upload it to one of the gallery image bits below then the image will be expandable full-size as well

Sep 18 2016 12:46

Really interesting, but there's a larger image

Sep 18 2016 13:11
Reddebrek wrote:
Really interesting, but there's a larger image

if you uploaded that as well to the above image gallery we could rename this "maps" plural

Jan 25 2019 16:42

the West, and other areas of divergence: development studies does not tend to listen to subalterns ...