The adventures of Comrade Appleton and Anarchy

A series of short comics inspired by the antics of a peculiarly persistent individualist who plagued the libcom forums for a while (who was mostly confined to this mammoth thread.) As a bonus, two other comics about a similarly minded individual are included.

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Sep 10 2013 14:16


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Sep 10 2013 15:00


An Affirming Flame
Sep 10 2013 17:32

Brilliant! I don't think I ever got involved directly with him, but for some reason I forced myself to read the debates. I probably would've been better off banging my head against the wall for a few hours, as I mainly felt like the students at the end of #8. Still, these comics made it all worth it. Sort of.

Sep 10 2013 20:46

Best of internet.

Noah Fence
Feb 8 2017 08:14

Simply had to bump. Good manners made it mandatory.